ORM-Digital Reputation Management

Reputation Management - Shape and reshape our clients image using our expertise in controlling Google, P.R. and social media.

Controlled P.R. - Next generational P.R. whereby we control the text of articles to align them completely with our messaging while also optimizing them for high rankings on Search Engines ,relationships with journalists in top-tier publications allows us to publish these articles according to our clients’ desired narrative.

Social Media - Grass-roots social media campaigns that leverage your message forward, social media campaigns enable your narrative to gain exposure, reach and engagement

Our unique and highly effective digital reputation management services positively impact the online image and reputation of our clients with multiple positive flow-on effects. Our process has proven its power over the last decade that we have serviced clients worldwide.

  • Analysis of relevant information , current online assets and create a benchmark snapshot.

  • Preparation of a strategic and creative strategy which will dictate the main messages and content.

  • Tailor-made and optimize digital assets and content (e.g. articles, websites, Wikipedia, blogs, social media, etc.) in order to increase their rank and visibility on search engines.

We improve the online reputation of the customer by creating new assets and increasing their visibility via Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

  • Insert our optimized positive web-assets.

  • Push up both new and existing positive web-assets so they rank high on Search Engines .

  • Weaken the negative articles/websites to cause them to drop in rank.

Our Strategic Edge:

  • Measured, long lasting and transparent results

  • Ability to leverage our journalist connections for top tier articles

  • Success and experience in multiple languages

  • Highly discreet work that puts confidentiality first

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