National Security Defence

Black Wall Global team represents the accumulated knowledge gathered through years of operational experience, development, design and implementation experience in border defense systems for air, land, sea, space and security applications, being world-scale leading innovative .

Intelligence Cyber & Security

From intelligence to cyber defense, border control and protection of critical infrastructure facilities and big data, to provides governments, law enforcement, security forces, and global enterprises with the highest level of safety and security.

National Governmental CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team) program – the Major and Biggest Governmental Cyber program . The program will provide advanced security and defense capabilities for detecting, monitoring, and handling of cyber advanced threats and attacks at the national level on Critical Infrastructure.

Cyber Defense product proven by international experience and know how, as well as State of The Art solutions and products from developed by Black Wall Global and Leading Global IT corporations .

Holistic Suit of Cyber Defense solution tailored to protect against advanced cyber threats. The Cyber Products is a real comprehensive solution for complex Cyber problems that challenge current solutions.

01. Intelligence

Multi-platform systems for locating, identifying, and neutralizing time-sensitive targets

• Intelligence Solution

02. Cyber Defence
The Cyber Defender of the National Security

Comprehensive cyber solutions are based on solid, multi-disciplinary cyber knowledge.

• SCADA /IIoT(Industrial IoT)
This superb, unique cyber defense solution for SCADA & IIoT handles new cyber threats emerging on SCADA , IIoT and ICS systems, keeping systems operational while preventing long-lasting, significant economic damage.

• Cyber Defence Center
This State of Art, spirited customizable defense command center provides cyber security for any defense, civilian, utilities, or critical infrastructure requirements, scaling from SOC, to a national level CERT.

03. Security Solutions

Detection, decision-making and reaction to critical infrastructure threats

• Border Security
The high-end, customizable, automated and flexible Border Security Platform provides an array of systems that enable security forces to accurately locate, analyze and counteract threats, while maintaining force safety and performing the mission of border protection.

• Border Security for Strategic Infrastructure
With real-time, multi-sensor data collection and analysis, Border Security Platform 24/7 security solutions for strategic infrastructure protection meet the Homeland Security challenges of the 21st century and well into the future.

•Border Security for Energy Infrastructure & Facilities
BO is an accurate monitoring, locating, analysis and events management suite for energy infrastructure & facilities, while maintaining the flow of production and ensuring safety.

• Pipe Security
This one-of-a-kind, field-proven, passive seismic pipeline integrity, leakage, and disruption detection system monitors oil and gas lines, identifying and localizing issues in the pipelines’ vicinity.

• Border Center of security solutions and systems
Advanced Command and Control System for Homeland Security. Border Command and Control platform provides protection for borders, CIPs, energy facilities, sea ports, coastlines and offshore sites. Border Security Control Platform easily integrates with a wide range of systems and sensors.

04. Big Data Intelligence Solution

Advanced tools for real-time analysis, data mining and information visualization capabilities

• Cyber Wall -Big Data Solution
To collect, fuse and analyse huge amount of data, from multiple sources with different types & formats, and transform the data into executable intelligence.

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