Legal Defence

The Legal Department at Black Wall Global is led by Barrister Nicos Clerides and is associated with leading international law firms operating as a consortium with Black Wall.

Our geographical footprint and conflict-of-interest-free platform are powerful business tools helping us create value for our clients.

Black Wall Global helps clients to optimise their international business operations, manage risks, and assert their rights in international litigation, arbitration, and dispute settlement.

Our team possesses deep experience and exceptional insights into the international sanctions regime and complex cross-border litigation, including judgement monetisation and asset tracing.

We also possess deep expertise in the design, establishment, and rollout of international business structures. Our clients include multinationals, niche companies, small enterprises, families, and individual clients.

1. Sanctions and Foreign Assets Control

  • Removal from the EU, UK and  US global sanctions regimes.
  • Unsolved crimes protecting victims from economic harm and compliance with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).
  • Securing the proper licenses to engage in sensitive transactions otherwise prohibited by OFAC. In high-profile cases of changed circumstances.
  • Removal from the Specially Designated National List.
  • Handling of sanctions relating to terrorism and national security, including terrorist asset freezing and the EU measures

2. Interpol Notices and Diffusions

  • Removal from European Arrest Warrants and Interpol notices or diffusions (especially red, blue, green and yellow notices).
  • Preventive CCF (Control of Interpol’s Files) notices

3. Claim Monetisation and Dilution

  • Business crime, including criminal sanctions and export control
  • Intellectual Property disputes
  • Financial services and regulatory enforcement proceedings
  • Insolvency, debtor-creditor, and shareholders disputes
  • Offensive investigations
  • International Judgement Enforcement and Asset Recovery.

4. Integrated Personal Asset Protection Services and Digital Solutions

  • Conduct clean fund analyses.
  • Stress test and protect the assets at risk.
  • Defend reputation against salacious media.
  • Facilitate visa/asylum applications and citizenship by investment.
  • Design and execute unique investigations, defence, enforcement, and recovery solutions.

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