Cybercrime Investigation

Black Wall Global provides a service for investigating cyber attacks and intrusions. We offer expertise, technical resources, and tool collection for performing threat analysis and retrieving compromised data. With the use of multi-platform forensic applications and with the right knowledge our security professionals can unmask authors of digital crimes effectively and productively.

Digital Investigations

Black Wall Global provides a wide range of Digital Investigation services, including Digital Internal Affairs Investigations, Digital Corporate and Security Investigations, and Digital Internal Defense Investigations. Black Wall highest worldwide expert on Forensic Video Lab services, including analysis and verification of video forgery, false editing or falsification of footage and comparison of defective film. This allows us to decipher the license plates from the CCTV footage.

  • Analysis of criminal incidents and scenarios according to forensic process models.
  • Investigation and forensic examination of traffic incidents.
  • Investigation and forensic medical examination and digital reconstruction at the scene.

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