Cyber Security and Consultancy - Turnkey Projects

Work with Black Wall Global entrusted professional to back your organization on the highest, most suitable protection level. Our sophisticated, customizable turnkey project does not require additional equipment installation and is available for worldwide customers from a variety of industrial sectors.

The use of Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer for cybersecurity. It has a capacity to analyze billions of gathered information and offers significantly increased speed of processing with decreased response latency.

AI is taught to consume massive quantities of data artifacts and uses reasoning to determine and assess threats. Incorporating endless possibilities of AI allows cybersecurity researchers to make informed decisions to take critical actions to remediate risks.

01. Health Care

There is a very high obligation for the health care industry to safeguard client confidential information. Health care providers not only need to meet their patient's expectations to protect their privacy, they also need to follow strict regulations and national standards on how to manage security. To address the challenge of maintaining confidentiality, a layered approach is required. CYBER professionals are highly competent to assure countermeasures from administrative policies and training to data encryption to real-time threat monitoring.

02. Finance Industry

Finance Industry faces a constant challenge of protecting transactions across its platforms. Countermeasures in place need to safeguard not only data that is stored but also the information that is transmitted. The Highest integrity of the systems needs to be maintained to ensure that the platform users can only access and modify the information that they are authorized to alter. Extensive and maximum protection needs to be enforced against data loss and any unintentional changes such as user mistakes or malfunction of a network. In order to guard against notorious data breaches, the most complex and advanced countermeasures must be implemented.

03. Corporate

Black Wall designs and implements full protocols and powerful technology to prevent cyber attacks on corporate assets. However, the main objective of corporate digital security professionals is to build the resilience of the network. It requires a focus on maintaining the availability of services and continuity of work flow in case of a cyber-attack or malfunction of the software.

04. Data Centers

Rapidly developing cloud computing calls for new methods of securing the elements of data centers from compromise or malicious attack. Continuous monitoring of all data center operations is necessary to detect any malfunctions or faulty interactions. Sophisticated tools are required to validate a data flow as a lot of harmful traffic tries to disguise itself as something else. Beyond safeguards to the network, a layered approach is crucial including professional staff training, frequent vulnerability scans, and network coordination.

05. Cloud Solution

Cloud computing providers are not only obliged to meet general industry requirements, they above all need to meet the highest standards and expectations of their customers. As the cloud is used for storing backup data, sharing sensitive content and transaction processing the main objective is to deliver the highest protection of data against any unauthorized access, compliance violation, malware infection or identity theft.Black Wall through the use of unique encryption technologies and innovative safeguards helps organizations to secure data, assure its availability and safe transmission.

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