Cyber Education

Everything starts with education. The foundation and a critical requirement for the success of any security measures and protections is an informed administration with an in-depth knowledge of the risks and threats of cyber attacks. Black Wall Global professionals play an important role in raising awareness across sectors and educate on the relevance of strict policies, protocols, and safeguards. We help to educate and train by customizing curriculum to the specifics of any organization.

Black Wall Global is a leading cyber & information security training and consulting company that provides wide range of personalized trainings and cyber awareness programs for organizations and assist companies with the process of privacy regulations readiness. Empowering Companies via the World’s Best Cyber Security Personalized Training Professionals and Software Tool sets ready for any Cyber Attack whether IR, Intelligence, or Forensics.

Developing the most updated and technological cyber courses using one of the most advanced cyber training arena Cyber Warzone. The Cyber Warzone allows us to use algorithms from the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence worlds to build a personalized learning training big data analysis for cyber and coping scenarios. The entire training set is based on cloud technology, which consists of many, varied and up to date practice labs using AWS platform.

Black Wall Globals customers are leading players in variety industry sectors such as academic, government, financial, hi tech and others.

  • Comprehend cyber security and be familiar with the cyber world and its basic terms.
  • Operate within a set of procedures, rules and policies wherever applicable.
  • Provide operational, information, application and infrastructure level security.
  • Recognize and implement the common defense tools for endpoint, servers and cloud  computing.
  • Be able to implement ethical hacking methods.
  • Recognize and implement the common cyber-attack methods, threats and computers  vulnerabilities.
  • Manage cyber security risks to valued assets. | And more.
  • The trainings are available onsite and online (according to COV ID-19 limitations in each  country).
  • The Student need to participate in the course, achieve high scores in exams, labs and  lesson assignment.
  • At least 50% of the course includes practice of hands on labs.

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