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Cyber  background

National Security Defence

Black Wall Global  team  represents the accumulated knowledge gathered through years of operational experience, development, design and implementation experience in border defense systems for air, land, sea, space and security applications, being world-scale leading innovative .

Intelligence Cyber & Security

From intelligence to cyber defense, border control and protection of critical infrastructure facilities and big data, to provides governments, law enforcement, security forces, and global enterprises with the highest level of safety and security. 

National Governmental CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team) program – the Major and Biggest Governmental Cyber program . The program will provide advanced security and defense capabilities for detecting, monitoring, and handling of cyber advanced threats and attacks at the national level on Critical Infrastructure.

Cyber Defense product proven by international experience and know how, as well as State of The Art solutions and products from developed by Black Wall Global and Leading  Global IT corporations .

Holistic Suit of Cyber Defense solution tailored to protect against advanced cyber threats. The Cyber Products is a real comprehensive solution for complex Cyber problems that challenge current solutions.

01. Intelligence

Multi-platform systems for locating, identifying, and neutralizing time-sensitive targets

•    Intelligence Solution


02. Cyber Defence

The Cyber Defender of the National Security

Comprehensive cyber solutions are based on solid, multi-disciplinary cyber knowledge.

•    SCADA /IIoT(Industrial IoT)

This superb, unique cyber defense solution for SCADA & IIoT handles new cyber threats emerging on SCADA , IIoT and ICS systems, keeping systems operational while preventing long-lasting, significant economic damage.

•    Cyber Defence Center

This  State of Art, spirited customizable defense command center provides cyber security for any defense, civilian, utilities, or critical infrastructure requirements, scaling from  SOC, to a national level CERT.

03. Security Solutions

Detection, decision-making and reaction to critical infrastructure threats

•    Border Security
The high-end, customizable, automated and flexible Border Security Platform provides an array of systems  that enable security forces to accurately locate, analyze and counteract threats, while maintaining force safety and performing the mission of border protection.

•    Border Security for Strategic Infrastructure
With real-time, multi-sensor data collection and analysis, Border Security Platform 24/7  security solutions for strategic infrastructure protection  meet the Homeland Security challenges of the 21st century and well into the future.

•    Border Security for Energy Infrastructure & Facilities

BO is an accurate monitoring, locating, analysis and events management suite for energy infrastructure & facilities, while maintaining the flow of production and ensuring safety.

•    Pipe Security 
This one-of-a-kind, field-proven, passive seismic pipeline integrity, leakage, and disruption detection system monitors oil and gas lines, identifying and localizing issues in the pipelines’ vicinity.

•    Border Center of security solutions and systems
Advanced Command and Control System for Homeland Security
Border Command and Control platform provides protection for borders, CIPs, energy facilities, sea ports, coastlines and offshore sites. Border Security Control Platform  easily integrates with a wide range of systems and sensors.


04. Big Data Intelligence Solution

Advanced tools for real-time analysis, data mining and information visualization capabilities

•     Cyber Wall -Big Data Solution

To collect, fuse and analyse huge amount of data, from multiple sources with

different types & formats, and transform the data into executable intelligence.


BlackWall Cyber Warfare

BlackWall Global is a professionality and a leading CyberSecurity Products & services and solutions provider leveraging significant depth of innovative skills and proven expertise to overcome today’s continuously increasing business protection challenges penetration, hacking, attacking of telecom and data/ computing systems.

To be a global, premier provider of innovative value-creating technologies and solutions while becoming an integral part of customer’s success. 

We offer a ONE IN A KIND “Tailor Made” advanced products & solutions and the skillful services 

Success Solutions per Market Segment


  • President & PM Candidates,

  • Ministries, Parliament Members,

  • Government Offices & organizations,

  • Government intelligence & Federal organizations,

  • Military & Police Special Forces.


Products & services


  • Intelligence services establishment from A to Z - technological and operational establishment.

  • Implementation & training of cutting-edge Intelligence Technologies

  • Leading & Implementation of the technology Election campaign.

  • The "VIP Secret Service, Technology Units"


          Highest/Military level Crypto Communication & Computing products/solutions for all the platforms.

  • VIP Convoy Protection, Anti-Terror & Anti Cyber Attack Escort Vehicles 

  • "Clear Rooms" for discreet meetings and conferences

  • "TSCM" Detection and prevention of eavesdropping-Protect Your Confidentiality.

  • "BW Mobile & Digital TSCM & Forensics Labs".

  • CERT- "BWIS Incidence Response Teams"(365/24/7)

  • "BW Cyber Special Services.". Warfare/ PT/ Offensive/ Defensive/ Pro-Active.

  • Spy exercises for secure & sensitive facilities.

  • Sweeping, Monitoring the Infrastructure while building/reconstruct sensitive facilities avoidance being attacked during the construction stages.

  • "TEMPEST SHIELD DOME":(TEMPEST= "Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard").

          A Shield Against Sniffing information from electromagnetic radiation emanations.

  • Anti-Drone warfare and obstruction systems.

  • Special Forces & Special Units: R&D & Implementation of Cyber Security technology projects.

  • Telecom systems. security audit & hardening.




  • The Global organization Board.

  • The Top-Secret Strategic Management Partners.

  • The Top-Executive Management.


Products & services



  • "TSCM" Detection and prevention of eavesdropping.

         Protect Your Confidentiality,

  • "BW Mobile & Digital TSCM & Forensics Labs".

  • "BW Incidence Response Teams"(365/24/7)

  • "BW Cyber Special Services.". Warfare/ PT/ Offensive/ Defensive/ Pro-Active.

  • Telecom systems. Security, Audit & Hardening.

  • "Clear Rooms" for discreet meetings & conferences.

  • "TEMPEST SHIELD DOME":(TEMPEST= "Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard").

          A Shield Against Sniffing information from electromagnetic radiation emanations.

  • VIP Convoy Protection, Anti-Terror & Anti Cyber Attack Escort Vehicles.

  • Anti-Drone warfare and obstruction systems.

  • Spy exercises for secure & sensitive facilities.

  • Sweeping, Monitoring the Infrastructure while building/reconstruct sensitive facilities avoidance being attacked during the construction stages.


  Private and Public Organizations


  • Banks & Credit card companies,

  • Financial organizations & Stocks Exchanges,

  • Insurance Companies,

  • Telecom and Cellular corporations,

  • Commercial companies,

  • Medical organizations,

  • Diamond merchants,

  • Universities,

  • Hospitals.


Product & services



  • "TSCM" Detection and prevention of eavesdropping-Protect Your Confidentiality.

  • Telecom systems. Security, Audit & Hardening.

  • "BW Mobile & Digital TSCM & Forensics Labs".

  • "BW Incidence Response Teams"(365/24/7)

  • "BW Cyber Special Services.". Warfare/ PT/ Offensive/ Defensive/ Pro-Active.

  • "Clear Rooms" for discreet meetings and conferences

  • "TEMPEST SHIELD DOME":(TEMPEST= "Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard").

           A Shield Against Sniffing information from electromagnetic radiation emanations.


Cybercrime & Business Intelligence

At Black Wall Global we employ advanced techniques and tools to acquire and analyze information that identifies and predicts risks and threats within a cyber domain. The objective is to generate cyber intelligence to dictate an ultimate course of action and achieve the highest levels of performance and well-informed decision making.

At Black Wall  we understand the high value of the most complete information therefore we employ significant resources to gather current and historical data from public and private domains and a variety of industrial sectors.

Black Wall offers State of Art tailor made solutions based on highest intelligence, AI and Machine learning technology, unique expertise and creative thinking.

  • Identification of Corruption,Bribery & Money Laundering

  • Investigating into Financial Markets crime

  • White Collar Crime

  • Identification of Fraud

  • Deep Due Diligence

  • Employee Data Leakage

  • Asset Trace and Legal support on Recovery

  • Cryptocurrency crime  investigations

  • AML Compliance on Crypto Currency's for Financial Institutions 

  • OSINT Open Source Intelligence​  research within Social Media and networks, cyber range & diversified search engines, laying to build and form a exhaustive data base for the customers and distinctive needs and requests.

  • VIP Cyber Intelligence 

Online threats can come from many directions – theft of personal information, business information, and ransom software.
At Black Wall Global, we recognized the need for protection and we have developed a 
“VIP Cyber Intelligence” service which monitors mentions on the Internet and the Dark Web. As part of the service, we securely and discreetly monitor all relevant mentions on websites, blogs, social networks, etc. Gathering and recollection can also apply to family members under risk.

With Black Wall VIP intelligence service, you will know what is written and said about you on the Internet and Dark Web at any given moment in real-time. Whenever an offensive article comes up, a picture in a negative context, an abusive tweet – you will be alerted. You will also receive a report covering activities during the given period with all publications and findings listed about you and your family.


ORM-Digital Reputation Management

Reputation Management - Shape and reshape our clients image using our expertise in controlling Google, P.R. and social media. 

Controlled P.R. -  Next generational P.R. whereby we control the text of articles to align them completely with our messaging while also optimizing them for high rankings on Search Engines ,relationships with journalists in top-tier publications allows us to publish these articles according to our clients’ desired narrative. 

Social Media -  Grass-roots social media campaigns that leverage your message forward, social media campaigns enable your narrative to gain exposure, reach and engagement

Our unique and highly effective digital reputation management services positively impact the online image and reputation of our clients with multiple positive flow-on effects. Our process has proven its power over the last decade that we have serviced clients worldwide. 

  • Analysis of relevant information , current online assets and create a benchmark snapshot.

  • Preparation of a strategic and creative strategy which will dictate the main messages and content.

  • Tailor-made and optimize digital assets and content (e.g. articles, websites, Wikipedia, blogs, social media, etc.) in order to increase their rank and visibility on search engines.

We improve the online reputation of the customer by creating new assets and increasing their visibility via Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.   

  • Insert our optimized positive web-assets.

  • Push up both new and existing positive web-assets so they rank high on Search Engines .

  • Weaken the negative articles/websites to cause them to drop in rank.

Our Strategic Edge:

  • Measured, long lasting and transparent results

  • Ability to leverage our journalist connections for top tier articles

  • Success and experience in multiple languages

  • Highly discreet work that puts confidentiality first


Cybercrime Investigation

Black Wall  Global provides a service for investigating cyber attacks and intrusions. We offer expertise, technical resources, and tool collection for performing threat analysis and retrieving compromised data. With the use of multi-platform forensic applications and with the right knowledge our security professionals can unmask authors of digital crimes effectively and productively.

Digital Investigations

Black Wall Global provides a wide range of Digital Investigation services, including Digital Internal Affairs Investigations, Digital Corporate and Security Investigations, and Digital Internal Defense Investigations.
Black Wall   highest worldwide expert on Forensic Video Lab services, including analysis and verification of video forgery, false editing or falsification of footage and comparison of defective film. This allows us to decipher the license plates from the CCTV footage

Analysis of criminal incidents and scenarios according to forensic process models.
• Investigation and forensic examination of traffic incidents.
• Investigation and forensic medical examination and digital reconstruction at the sce


Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer for cybersecurity. It has a capacity to analyze billions of gathered information and offers significantly increased speed of processing with decreased response latency.

AI is taught to consume massive quantities of data artifacts and uses reasoning to determine and assess threats. Incorporating endless possibilities of AI allows cybersecurity researchers to make informed decisions to take critical actions to remediate risks.


Cyber Security and Consultancy -

Turnkey Projects

Work with Black Wall Global entrusted professional to back your organization on the highest, most suitable protection level. Our sophisticated, customizable turnkey project does not require additional equipment installation and is available for worldwide customers from a variety of industrial sectors.

01. Health Care

There is a very high obligation for the health care industry to safeguard client confidential information. Health care providers not only need to meet their patient's expectations to protect their privacy, they also need to follow strict regulations and national standards on how to manage security. To address the challenge of maintaining confidentiality, a layered approach is required. CYBER professionals are highly competent to assure countermeasures from administrative policies and training to data encryption to real-time threat monitoring.

02. Finance Industry

Finance Industry faces a constant challenge of protecting transactions across its platforms. Countermeasures in place need to safeguard not only data that is stored but also the information that is transmitted. The Highest integrity of the systems needs to be maintained to ensure that the platform users can only access and modify the information that they are authorized to alter. Extensive and maximum protection needs to be enforced against data loss and any unintentional changes such as user mistakes or malfunction of a network. In order to guard against notorious data breaches, the most complex and advanced countermeasures must be implemented.

03. Corporate

Black Wall designs and implements full protocols and powerful technology to prevent cyber attacks on corporate assets. However, the main objective of corporate digital security professionals is to build the resilience of the network. It requires a focus on maintaining the availability of services and continuity of work flow in case of a cyber-attack or malfunction of the software.

04. Data Centers

Rapidly developing cloud computing calls for new methods of securing the elements of data centers from compromise or malicious attack. Continuous monitoring of all data center operations is necessary to detect any malfunctions or faulty interactions. Sophisticated tools are required to validate a data flow as a lot of harmful traffic tries to disguise itself as something else. Beyond safeguards to the network, a layered approach is crucial including professional staff training, frequent vulnerability scans, and network coordination.

05. Cloud Solution

Cloud computing providers are not only obliged to meet general industry requirements, they above all need to meet the highest standards and expectations of their customers. As the cloud is used for storing backup data, sharing sensitive content and transaction processing the main objective is to deliver the highest protection of data against any unauthorized access, compliance violation, malware infection or identity theft.Black Wall   through the use of unique encryption technologies and innovative safeguards helps organizations to secure data, assure its availability and safe transmission.